Practice Areas

Civil Law

  • Banking Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Property Law and Strata Title
  • State Administration Law
  • Intellectual Property Rights Law
  • Telecommunication Law
  • Environmental Law
  • ADR – Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Settlement
  • Family Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Capital Market Law


Handling general criminal cases and special criminal cases, among others corruption, smuggling, environmental pollution, etc.


Our strong experience in handling litigation cases provides a strong foundation for us to render legal advice for various client companies who have retained our regular service and help them avoid potential legal problems from arising in the future.

We provide advice to the clients pertaining to methods of management that are legally accountable, something that other law offices rarely possess, such as;

  • drafting and revising contracts or agreements;
  • concerning methods of management that are legally accountable;
  • concerning the company’s work plan and the legal protection required for the short term, medium term and long term plan;
  • concerning the recording/book keeping system of the payment traffic that is legally valid;
  • to provide legal solution to the Public Accountant hired to obtain legalization for every item of the audit from the competent parties in each transaction.

In the Capital Market sector, we render legal services among others in the form of legal advice, legal opinion, legal audit or due diligence in the legal aspect, and others.


Our litigators are capable of representing clients at all courts of justice, such as district court, commercial court, administrative court, military court and court handling corruption cases throughout the Republic of Indonesia, beginning from courts at the first instance, appellate courts up to the Supreme Court of Justice.